KFC Foundation featured in GED Testing Service webinar

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January 9, 2017
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KFC Foundation featured in GED Testing Service webinar

KFC and Taco Bell are featured employers in the first in a free webinar series hosted by GED Testing Service to explore ideas and best practices for upskilling today’s frontline workforce to improve company success.

The webinar, Wednesday, March 29, 12 to 1 p.m. ET, focuses on foundational education (including English language and high school equivalency) and the impact it can have on businesses. To participate, register here.

Leaders from KFC and Taco Bell, along with GED Testing Service and Pearson Education will share their insights on evolving employer-sponsored educational programs for frontline employees. Learn about the programs that companies are employing to better engage and retain frontline talent.

Featured on the webinar are: Kathy Gosser, KFC's Director of Learning and Development; Krista Snider, Managing Director of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation; and Ferril Onyett, Taco Bell's Director of Learning and Development. For the first time, GED Testing Service will share results from the Foundation's REACH HIGH — High School Equivalency Program, in partnership with GED Testing Service, aimed at upskilling KFC employees without a high school diploma.

Objectives:  Discover industry best practices and findings from the education pilot program that can help you:
  • improve frontline employee recruitment and retention
  • implement education program features and tactics that engage and advance employees
  • grow your corporate social responsibility efforts and be seen as an employer of choice

The heart of what the KFC Foundation does is care for restaurant employees. For more information on how your restaurant teams can take part in the year-round REACH HIGH/GEDWorks program, click here.

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