Kentucky Fried Wishes 2019 Winners
In 2019, the KFC Foundation granted $35,000 to make ten KFC restaurant employees’ dreams come true.
Read their stories below.

Marilyn poses with the team who nominated her for Kentucky Fried Wishes

Marilyn Bakkum, team member at an Iowa KFC
Nominated by coworker Audrey Wagner
This KFC veteran of 35 years lost her husband this spring, two months shy of their 48th wedding anniversary. Marilyn and her family are huge NASCAR fans and they had always hoped to attend an actual NASCAR race together. With having never been given the chance to take a true family vacation and recently losing their husband/father/grandfather, going to a race is a wish come true for all.

Tonya poses with her Area Coach, Franchisee Bill Byrd and KFC Foundation Board Member Karen Adams

Tonya Brown, Assistant Manager at an Alabama KFC
Tonya’s daughter was murdered by her boyfriend in front of her three children nearly two years ago. After going through court battles for one year, Tonya now has full custody of the two boys (the little girl is safely in the care of her father). Tonya is having difficulties keeping up with food, clothes and other necessary items for her two growing grandsons. The money she was awarded through Kentucky Fried Wishes is going toward her mortgage payments, allowing her to focus more money on the kids' needs.

Regional Director Sandy Howell presents Brooke with her Kentucky Fried Wish

Brooke Burkett, Restaurant General Manager at an Alabama KFC
Nominated by team member Yatarrah Lucy and her husband
Brooke experienced complications during pregnancy which caused her teeth to crumble and break over the last seven years. The problems with her teeth were affecting her health and self-esteem, as her mouth was always hurting. Getting the dental work to fix her teeth has restored Brooke to the strong, confident woman she is.

Enrique poses with his Franchisee Jeff Baker, KFC Foundation Board Member Eric Trett and two of Enrique’s coworkers

Enrique Chavez, Restaurant General Manager at a California KFC
Enrique’s 12-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk without a walker. As a father, Enrique just wishes for his daughter to feel “normal” and do things that other kids get to do. She dreams of going to Disneyland like the other kids. It is not the walker that is the challenge, it is the expense. Getting the opportunity to give his daughter this experience was simply magical.

Crystal poses with restaurant general manager Miranda, who nominated Crystal for Kentucky Fried Wishes

Crystal Lachance, shift supervisor at an Oregon KFC
Nominated by Restaurant General Manager Miranda Marston
Crystal is a single mom who walked three miles between work and the recovery home she and her 9-year-old son currently live in. Having a car allows her to spend more time with her son, make getting to her son’s school, KFC and appointments much easier and re-focus her savings toward getting a place of her own.
Crystal’s story was featured in CBS News, Yahoo! Lifestyle, the Statesman Journal (video and photos), KGW-8 and more!

Shane happily sporting his new Vikings helmet

Shane Mckinney, shift supervisor at a Missouri KFC
Nominated by Restaurant General Manager and wife, Misty Mckinneyd
Seven years ago, Shane lost his daughter to SIDS. Three years ago, he lost three of his fingers and the tip of his pinkie finger in a machine malfunction while working at his former job; they were able to reattach two fingers, but were unsuccessful with the third. Shane’s dad is disabled due to breaking his back at work 20 years ago and is in poor health. Amidst all of these hardships, Kentucky Fried Wishes was able to make two lifelong Minnesota Vikings fans’ dreams of going to a game come true.

Shane’s story was featured in KSN, Neosho Daily News and more!

Jacqueline grinning ear to ear with her Area Coach, Justin Davey

Jacqueline Scanlan, shift supervisor at a West Virginia KFC
Nominated by KFC shift supervisor, Jenna Corter
Last year, Jacqueline was diagnosed with a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma, at the young age of 26, just three months after she was married. With no health insurance, this disease has put her in a lot of medical debt. According to her nominator Jenna, she is “the most amazing, brave and beautiful woman I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face even through the hardest times.” Kentucky Fried Wishes will relieve some of her debt by paying toward Jacqueline's medical bills.

Lindsey poses with her Franchisee Neil Cocolin and restaurant team

Lindsey Shinn, Restaurant General Manager at a Pennsylvania KFC
This KFC veteran of nearly 14 years recently ran into several issues with her home, which are posing a threat to the health of herself, her 9-year-old son, her 9-month-old daughter and her fiancé. A cast iron pipe in her basement had rotted through and the back door was deteriorating, causing mushrooms to grow near the threshold, mildew on the walls and the floor to crumble. Thanks to Kentucky Fried Wishes, she can now restore her home to being a safe place for her family.

Cara posing with her Franchisee Nanette Walker, who nominated Cara for Kentucky Fried Wishes

Cara Wilson, Assistant Manager at an Ohio KFC
Nominated by Franchisee Nanette Walker
Cara’s teeth were extremely infected to the point they are falling out, restricting her from eating normally and causing a tremendous amount of pain and self-consciousness. The pain in her teeth and face got so unbearable that she occasionally had to call in sick. Getting the necessary dental work is making a world of difference for Cara.

These wishes and all of our charitable assistance programs are made possible through the ongoing support of KFC’s franchisees and the KFC Corporation. Their contributions are changing the lives of KFC restaurant employees across the country.

The KFC Foundation is working with the Board of Directors on plans to continue Kentucky Fried Wishes in 2020, so stay tuned!

Note: Kentucky Fried Wish winners are final and are not subject to appeal. No nomination feedback will be given.

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