Gives KFC restaurant teams an opportunity to nominate a local non-profit organization for a wish come true.

Nominate your favorite local non-profit organization for a chance to make a project on their wish list come true.

Kentucky Fried Wishes

KFC restaurant teams can nominate their favorite local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for a $10,000 Kentucky Fried Wishes grant to fund an actionable project on their wish list.

In 2021, the KFC Foundation granted 11 Kentucky Fries Wishes.

This year, up to 50 Kentucky Fried Wishes will be granted to non-profits across the country!

Check back on June 20 for a link to the nomination form.

June 20-July 1
Restaurant nomination window

July 11-July 22
Non-profit grant application window

September 9
Kentucky Fried Wishes announced on Colonel Sanders’ birthday!

To be eligible for the KFC Foundation’s programs, you must work at a KFC restaurant in the U.S. that participates in the KFC Foundation’s Franchise Donation Program.