The REACH Educational Grant Program® helps employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants pursue their dreams of going to college. Employees of any age, any position, pursuing any degree can receive money to help them attend the accredited four-year or two-year college of their choice. The money can also be used at trade/vocational schools and for graduate study.

KFC Restaurant General Managers, Assistant Managers, Shift Supervisors and Team Members may apply for college tuition assistance funds. Managers who are selected will receive $3,000 for the academic year; previous REACH Grant recipients receive $2,500 and first-time winners receive $2,000. Employee-students can reapply for the money each year.


  • I’m a Restaurant General Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisors or Team Member at a participating KFC U.S. Restaurant
  • I’m currently enrolled in college or I plan to enroll in the next year
  • I have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale

*See application for more details.

For KFC restaurant employees who didn’t graduate from high school, Rise with GEDWorks™ is a pathway to achieving their dreams. Offered in both English and Spanish, this free program, in partnership with GED Testing Service, provides unlimited access to GED® preparation and testing.

Rise includes a test pass guarantee and a personal GED Advisor™ who is with the employee-student every step of the way! The program is open to all restaurant employees-- Restaurant General Managers, Assistant Managers and hourly Team Members-- at participating restaurants.


  • A FREE all-inclusive program from start to finish! Unlimited access to prep and testing
  • A test pass guarantee*
  • Your personal GED Advisor™ with you every step of the way
  • Exclusive Facebook group where you can get the support of others participating in the program


  • I’m not enrolled in high school
  • I’m at least 16 years old
  • I have not graduated from high school or received a GED® credential or equivalent
  • I’m a Restaurant General Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor or hourly Team Member at a participating KFC U.S. Restaurant*

*Your restaurant must currently be participating in the Cole Slaw Donation Program. All KFC Equity restaurants participate. If you work at a franchise/licensed restaurant, please see your RGM for more information.


  • Get started now by creating an account.
  • We’ll verify your employment status via Learning Zone and/or with your RGM or franchisee.
  • Once verified, you'll take a practice test.
  • Then, your GED Advisor™ will contact you by phone to go over the program and create a plan just for you.
  • Simply start your study plan.
  • Your GED Advisor™ will continue to guide you through the program until you get your GED® credential.

The KFC Family Fund is available to employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants who have been directly impacted by a severe hardship, crisis or catastrophic incident that was beyond their control. While money can’t eliminate the sorrow, it can hopefully eliminate some of the added stress that often accompanies it.

KFC Family Fund resources are designated for crisis situations, including fire, natural disasters, funeral costs, serious illness, personal injury (away from work), theft or loss of essential personal property, military deployment and other financial hardships. The purpose of the program is to provide temporary, limited financial relief.

All current employees at participating KFC restaurants are eligible for assistance from the KFC Family Fund, provided that they complete an application demonstrating how they have been impacted by a qualifying event, substantiate their expenses and prove their lack of financial resources.

An application must be made within ninety (90) days of the hardship to be considered. Only one application may be submitted for a qualifying event. You can only receive financial assistance from the KFC Family Fund once every 12 months. If you are in crisis or are experiencing a hardship, apply via the link below. Be advised, your eligibility will be verified.

We are excited to announce that MyChange is now MyChange Savers, a six-month savings matching program designed to equip eligible team members with a short-term emergency fund and a habit of putting money away every month, and MyChange EDU, an online portal where users can participate in savings challenges, earn points by engaging with different content and grow their financial know-how.

MyChange Savers


Nearly half of American adults don't have $400 in savings to cover an unexpected expense, which can send their life into a tailspin. MyChange Savers is here to help ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

It's simple. Put up to $40 into your savings account each month and the KFC Foundation will match it $1 for $1. Contribute the full $40 each month for the first three months and you'll get an extra $20 bonus!
In just six months, you could build a $500 emergency fund.

Restaurant employees will be able to apply for the program (limited spots available each cohort) to have the money they save matched by the KFC Foundation $1 for $1 for a six-month period (max of $40 match per month).

We are piloting the program now and will open the application up to all employees at participating KFC restaurants in Spring/Summer 2021. We'll share more info as we get closer to the national launch. Stay tuned!

MyChange EDU

MyChange EDU is an online portal that will help you grow your financial know-how.

  • Earn points by engaging with different content, logging your budget, saving money and simply checking in once a week.
  • Redeem your points to get digital Scratch & Save tickets for a chance to win $5 each time!
  • Browse the dozens of articles written by certified financial experts that cover real-life topics such as “What can I cut out to save more money?” and “6 steps for when your credit is denied.”
  • Read stories of SaverLife members from across the country and engage with them through the community forum.

Kentucky Fried Wishes provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to nominate an eligible KFC U.S restaurant employee* who has overcome or is currently facing a hardship to receive a life-changing wish. The wish must alleviate the challenge of their hardship, enrich their life or fulfill a need that might not otherwise be met and make a profound and lasting impact on the recipient and/or their immediate family.

Read about the KFC restaurant employees who received a Kentucky Fried Wish in 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kentucky Fried Wishes will not take place in 2020. The next nomination period will open in 2021.

*To be eligible, the employee must work at a KFC U.S. restaurant participating in the current year’s Cole Slaw Donation Program

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