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Colonel Sanders
was passionate
about changing lives for the better.
And so are we!

The KFC Foundation supports, empowers and serves joy to KFC restaurant employees and their communities through education accessibility, financial & crisis assistance, and community giving initiatives.

How can we support you?


  • GED Achievement

  • College Scholarships

  • Tuition-Free College

Financial Assistance

  • Hardship Assistance

  • Savings Match

Community Giving

  • Grants for Non-Profits

Learn about the power of fries.

Donate now or simply purchase a side of Secret Recipe Fries the next time you order a meal at KFC.

The heart of what we do is care for KFC restaurant employees and their communities

“I will never pass anybody up.”

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Our Recent Updates

GeneralKFC Wishes
August 25, 2023

KFC Foundation funds $1 million in community projects

100 non-profit organizations receive a Kentucky Fried Wishes grant from the KFC Foundation to make a project on their wish list come true.
July 13, 2023

Meet the eleven $20,000 KFC Foundation Scholarship recipients.

The KFC Foundation awarded $2.5 million in scholarships to over 500 KFC restaurant employees this spring. Eleven individuals received a $20,000 scholarship.
April 28, 2023

KFC Foundation awards $2.5 million in scholarships

The KFC Foundation is proud to award more than 500 KFC restaurant employees with a scholarship for college, trade school or graduate school.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re investing in the future KFC employees

Thank you so much for the REACH scholarship. It means the world to me. Without it, I probably wouldn't be able to go to school. Being able to go to college has helped me discover who I am and what my place in the world is, and I am excited to see what happens in the future.

ConnorKFC Team Member

I always keep my head held high and never let someone tell me I can’t reach my goal. This [award] is important to me because it can create opportunities for me and help me reach my goal.

KennethKFC Team Member

It is not easy for first generation students like myself to be able to work and go to school at the same time, but this grant has made it possible for students around the country to be able to do just that.

YeseniaREACH Grant Recipient

I finally stopped the tears, but I can’t stop smiling and everyone is loving it. Telling my son we will have a home soon meant the world to me.

StephanieFamily Fund Recipient

I am aware of the importance and privilege of how my education can make a difference in many people’s lives and changing the narratives for future generations.

ChristopherKFC Team Member

I applied to the KFC Family Fund asking for some help with my brother's funeral, and they sent a check to help my family and me out with the funeral cost. We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

DianaKFC Shift Manager

Having this program available to me and my coworkers is a dream come true as it gives students financial assistance and allows for the opportunity to pursue our passions without feeling impossible."

AlyssaREACH Grant Recipient

I'm so thankful that KFC is giving me the opportunity to pursue my passion and become a nurse practitioner. I like the feeling I get when I help someone, especially children. I want to be the reason a child gets to do what they always wanted to do. You never know, I could be helping a kid who ends up curing cancer!"

AnayiaREACH Grant Recipient

This program is the true definition of caring for not just employees but people and reaching out a helping hand where it seems that others won’t. I want my children to see that just because something doesn’t happen when it should, doesn’t mean it cannot happen at all.

AmandaKFC Team Member

I never dreamed it would be like actually graduating high school with all the perks. Nothing was left out! This program is the true definition of caring not just for employees, but loving people and reaching out a helping hand where it seems that others won’t.

AmandaKFC Team Member

I've never had a job help me do this and because of KFC, I'm able to make this goal happen.

YvonneKFC shift supervisor

The Rise program helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a graduate, and now that I've achieved this goal, college is the next step. You're never too young, or too old, to reach for what you want in life.

JamieKFC Assistant Manager

After a fire destroyed my apartment and belongings, the KFC Family Fund provided financial assistance to help me replenish my furniture, bedding, and clothes so that I could get back on my feet.

StephenKFC Team Memember