The heart of what we do is care for KFC® restaurant employees.

Colonel Sanders was passionate about changing lives for the better. And so are we.

The KFC Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, provides charitable support to KFC U.S. restaurant employees through education, hardship assistance and personal finance programs.

Which Program is for You?
Helps KFC restaurant employees pursue their dreams of going to college.
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Supports KFC restaurant employees in earning their GED through a comprehensive online prep and testing program.
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Provides financial aid to KFC restaurant employees during a hardship, crisis or natural disaster.
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Equips KFC restaurant employees with a $500 emergency fund, a habit of saving and greater financial know-how.
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Gives KFC restaurant employees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to nominate a team member for a life- changing wish.
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September 14, 2021

KFC Foundation Makes Kentucky Fried Wishes Come True For 11 Non-Profits Across The Country

KFC restaurant employees in Paris, Tenn. surprise the Paris Downtown Boxing Gym with a $10,000 Kentucky Fried Wishes grant.
July 27, 2021

KFC Foundation Teams Up with SaverLife to Offer KFC Restaurant Employees New Personal Finance Program

When life presents unexpected expenses, such as urgent car or home repairs, an emergency fund can help keep families afloat, and prevent them from taking on debt or missing payments.
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