Annual Report

We’re Changing Lives

Emma Horn
Executive Director

Dear friends,

Looking back on 2023 fills me with immense joy as I share the incredible milestones we achieved together. Your generosity propelled our Round Up fundraising to unprecedented heights, hitting a record-breaking $4.7 million – the most we’ve ever raised!

Because of your support, we accomplished some remarkable feats:

  • Awarded over $2.5 million in scholarships, our largest amount to date.
  • Launched a tuition-free college program with WGU, turning a long-held dream into reality.
  • Granted $1 million to 100 community-based non-profits, doubling the impact from last year.

Additionally, the introduction of the Become Your Best Self program has set the stage for further empowerment and growth. And on the topic of empowerment, we proudly celebrated our first tuition-free college program graduate, Kevon Pascoe, receiving his MBA at WGU’s October commencement ceremony.

Now in 2024, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary of changing lives, I am excited about the future we are shaping together. With your continued support, we are poised to make an even greater impact, continuing to empower dreams and inspire transformation, making a lasting difference in the lives of KFC restaurant employees and our communities.

Here’s to the next chapter of making a difference together.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Emma Horn
Executive Director
KFC Foundation

Our Vision

Be the secret recipe for good

Our Mission

Support, empower, and serve joy to KFC restaurant employees and our communities.

Together, We’re Making Education Accessible

“I was able to take my dream of obtaining a master’s degree and turn it into my reality. Now, I get to show others that our upbringings don’t define who we are and the heights of how far they can go.”

Kevon Pascoe
Tuition-Free College Graduate

From the Leadership Table



Launched a tuition-free college program

Awarded $2.5 million in scholarships

Funded $1 million in community projects

Launched the personal development program, Become Your Best Self

Raised over $4.7 million through Round Up

Together, We’re Supporting Families in Crisis

“My family and I appreciate all the help we’re able to receive at a time that is so heartbreaking and stressful. We will now be able to give my mom the memorial that she deserves and say our last goodbyes to her.”

Diana Yang
Hardship Assistance Recipient

2023 by the Numbers


Raised from Round Up

The most we’ve ever raised in a single year!


Scholarships awarded

500+ KFC restaurant employees received a KFC Foundation scholarship to pursue their educational dreams.


Kentucky Fried Wishes funded

100 grants were awarded to community-based non-profit organizations to make a project on their wish list come true.


Earned GED credentials

66 KFC restaurant employees earned their high school credential through our GED Achievement program.


Invested into savings

514+ KFC restaurant employees boosted their financial skills and emergency funds with a $1 for $1 savings match.


Granted for Hardship Assistance

133 KFC restaurant employees received financial support to help make it through a crisis.


Crisis intervention conversations

439 KFC restaurant employees received text-based mental health support through our partnership with the Crisis Text Line.


Started tuition-free college

In partnership with Western Governors University (WGU), we provide KFC restaurant employees with 100 percent paid tuition when attending WGU to earn their degree.


Unlocked their potential

449 KFC restaurant employees enrolled in Become Your Best Self, with 170 completing the personal development program.

Together, We’re Building Stronger Communities

Together, We’re Building Stronger Communities

“It’s neat that one local non-profit would get a grant here in Bellefontaine, but having two being chosen blows my mind. This is easily the coolest thing we’ve ever done in our 46-year history here.”

Johni and Darren Whitaker

Kentucky Fried Wishes Nominators

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Together, We’re Making Education Accessible

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