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Savings Match Program

Boost your financial skills—and your emergency fund

$1 for $1 Savings Match

Build a habit of saving money and boost your emergency fund with a $1 for $1 savings match—all through a user-friendly mobile app!

Save a total of $40/month and you’ll get a $40 match from the KFC Foundation. Plus, get a $20 starting bonus for simply participating in the savings match challenge. In just six months, you could build a $500 emergency fund (or boost your current savings by $500)!


  • You can participate in this program and continue earning match incentives indefinitely; it doesn’t end after six months. Every six months you’re participating in the challenge, your match incentives will be disbursed to your QUBER vault given you’re still employed at a participating KFC restaurant.
  • There is no longer a specific sign-up period. You can sign up and start earning match incentives at any time!

Eligibility Requirements

  • I’m a restaurant general manager, assistant manager, shift supervisor or team member in good standing at a KFC restaurant participating in the KFC Foundation’s Franchise Donation Program
  • I’m 18 years of age
    • If you’re under 18 and interested in enrolling, send an email to

You also must meet an income eligibility requirement, but don’t let this keep you from signing up. This will be verified during the QUBER account creation process.

How does it work?

  1. Download the QUBER app
  2. Sign up: Tap “Sign up”, select “Yes” when asked if your organization offers a QUBER match-based saving program.
  3. Check eligibility: Search for KFC Foundation. You will be asked for your employee ID, and will complete a quick income verification test.
  4. Provide contact info: Enter your name and mobile number. A validation email will be sent to the email address you used to enroll.
  5. Connect bank account: This bank account is used to fund your QUBER savings account. Make sure to select the account where your paycheck is deposited!
  6. Set up your withdrawal frequency: Select the frequency (weekly or bi-weekly) of withdrawals. Select a start date. This will determine the saving schedule for your Challenge – it’s best to line this up with your pay period.
  7. Open a QUBER bank account: Create your QUBER bank account where your savings will be held. You’ll be asked for identifiable information that we can use to validate that you are you!

The KFC Foundation has partnered with Crisis Text Line® to provide free 24/7 text-based mental health support and crisis intervention for the KFC family.

Need someone to talk to?
Text "Fries" to 741741 to text confidentially with a compassionate, trained Crisis Counselor.

To be eligible for the KFC Foundation’s programs, you must work at a KFC restaurant in the U.S. that participates in the KFC Foundation’s Franchise Donation Program.