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Board and Staff

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mark Everett

Board Chair
Division Vice President,
KBP Foods

“I have worked with non-profits for the past 10 years and am excited to continue this very important work. I love the focus the KFC Foundation has on enriching the lives of the people that work hard everyday and represent KFC.”

Karen Ancira

KFCC, Chief People & Culture Officer

“For me, purpose in life is everything. It is our true compass. The KFC Foundation provides the true north to be better and do better! It gives us a chance to have a bigger impact in our society and make the change we want to see in the world.”

Tom Broome

Scottish Food Systems, Owner

Karen Adams

KFCC, Director of Field People & Culture

“I love being a part of the KFC Foundation because it makes such a big difference in the lives of restaurant teams. Whether it’s education, financial support in times of crisis or building skills around saving money, each program can have such a huge life-changing impact.”

Joan Bowling

Dunn & Bowling, Ltd.,Owner

“The program I am most excited about is MyChange with SaverLife. This is something that can benefit all employees and can change their lives. Learning to save money is a skill that can make someone's life easier and more successful.”

Nick Chavez

KFCC, Chief Marketing Officer

Clinton Lewis

C&L Enterprises, Owner

“I joined the KFC Foundation's Board Of Directors because I love what the Foundation stands for and is doing to help and uplift the most important people in our business: our team.”
(Not Pictured)

Karen Sherman

KFC NCAC, Executive Director

Lana Swearingen

KFCC, Director of Operations

Steve Orton

Harman Management, VP Finance


Emma Horn

Executive Director

“What excites me for the future of the KFC Foundation? Knowing that we have the opportunity to change lives for thousands more KFC restaurant employees. KFC restaurant teams are incredible and we have the privilege of being there for them wherever they are on life’s journey.”

Emily Shackelford

Administrative Assistant

Debbie Rollins

Program Director

“When I started with the Foundation over 11 years ago, we had one program. Today, we have five programs! The work we do as a Foundation is like no other, and the impact we make on team members is tremendous. I’m looking forward to continuing growing as a Foundation, improving our programs and celebrating more team members as they become their best selves!”

Brittany Gilbert

Program Specialist

“I love getting to work with the restaurant employees for personal and professional development. How cool is it to become part of someone’s life story? To hear someone say ‘the KFC Foundation helped me during a time of need in my life’ and knowing you were part of that – there is no better feeling.”

Dexter Thompson

Program Specialist

Liz Gulick

Communication Manager

“I love working for the KFC Foundation because everyone involved is wholly focused on our mission—to take care of restaurant employees—and we’re continually striving to help team members grow, achieve and thrive. It’s such a great feeling to be part of an organization that is genuinely heart-led and does everything possible to impact as many people as possible.”

AJ Buchanan

Marketing & PR Specialist