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Our mission is simple—the heart of what we do is care for KFC restaurant employees. Through the generosity and support of KFC Franchisees, KFCC and individual donors, we’re able to help KFC team members earn their GED, go to college, make it through a hardship or crisis, build a habit of saving money and even see their wishes come true.

Get a glimpse into the impact the KFC Foundation is having on frontline workers like Emiliano and Amanda, the new $1 for $1 savings matching program launching nationally in 2021, what the future holds for the Foundation and more in the 2020 KFC Foundation Annual Report.

Want to support the KFC Foundation and help us expand our impact?

  1. Follow the KFC Foundation on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter, and like, comment on and share our posts with your network!
  2. Make a gift via PayPal.
  3. Buy an extra side of cole slaw when you go to KFC—and tell your friends and family to as well. Why? Because for every case of cole slaw sold at participating restaurants, $1.23 goes to the KFC Foundation! #coleslawchangeslives

About the KFC Foundation

The KFC Foundation, an independent 501c3 non-profit organization, is committed to providing accessible support and development opportunities to KFC U.S. restaurant employees. Since 2006, the Foundation has awarded more than $20 million to 6,400+ students and KFC restaurant employees, assisting them in going to college, earning a GED, managing personal finances and getting through hardship/crisis situations. The KFC Foundation’s charitable programs are made possible through the generosity of KFC’s many franchisees and KFC Corporation.